Technology in the Early Years

Welcome to our Hands On Literacy Presentation


Literacy in the Early Years with the iPod Touch
Here you will find the resources and links to the apps and some of the videos we used in the presentation. Although we would like to include all images and videos, due to restrictions on the use of student images, we are unable to do so.

iPod Touch Apps @ UWCSEA East

Click here for a link to a Google Doc which lists all the apps we have on our iPod Touch sets at UWCSEA East. We will continue to add apps as they come to hand. The list is also reproduced here (though it is a PDF version and therefore not dynamic).



Using Bill Atkinson Photocard Lite we had students send a postcard to their teacher explaining which celebration was their favourite and why. This linked to the Grade 1 unit on Celebrations.

Comic Touch


In K1, they are investigating a unit of inquiry on how we express ourselves, so we used the Comic Touch app, and the dual facing camera on the iPod Touch to take photos of the students showing different feelings, then add a speech bubble to explain the feeling.

ABC Pocket Phonics


ABC Pocket Phonics is used as phonics and writing reinforcement in the K1 classes.

QR Codes

QR codes can be used in many different ways, including:
  • links to websites or videos you would like students to access
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Links to supplementary Phonics resources e.g. youtube videos

At school we use QR Reader for iPhone, but there are a number of other QR code readers. We used the Kaywa QR Code Generator to create our QR Codes.

The video below has more possibilities in a high school context, which could be modified to suit the Early Years.

Strip Designer


K2s took photos of M words in their environment and made flashcards using Strip Designer.

There are lots of different formats, so you can make comic strips and many other visuals using this app.



Read some of the many eBooks available online, such as Dr Seuss's ABC.



Sonic Pics


We used Sonic Pics for a shape hunt, for which students had to explain the characteristics of the shapes they took photos of and make a video.

Sonic pics can be used to make videos about anything!